Lovely Designs on Yellow Gold Rings

Lovely Designs On Yellow Gold Rings

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To add a magnificent look to your ring finger, you can sport the all-new range of yellow gold rings. The glitter and sheen of gold has always been the talk of the town.

These are 5 exotic designs on yellow gold rings. Here we go:

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Twisted Ring

To woo your girl, you can always go in for a heart shaped ring. This is a twisted gold setting. You have a beautiful heart, planted right there, at the center. The heart shaped pendant is studded with a diamond stone, as well. It is a pretty looking ring that can surely bring smiles on your girl’s face.

Solitaire Ring

This is a solitaire ring that comes to you with fabulous golden hues. The heart shaped shoulders, are meant to keep the solitaire stone, in place. The thicker outlay of the ring makes sure, the pick is a sturdy one for your lady-love.

Diamond Shaped Cut

A gorgeous diamond shaped cut is designed across an 18 Karat yellow gold setting. The diamond shaped center beautifully holds the solitaire stud. The design is really an awesome pick, for bridal wear. Yellow gold rings can be chosen depending on the girl’s sense of taste on jewelry.

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A Chubby Heart

This is an ethnic gold ring that can help you symbolize love, in the most romantic way. It is a chubby heart that stands at the center of an elegant setting. Gold rings are little more affordable as against diamond rings.

Floral Design

To add a fresh dash of feminism to the ring, you can choose a setting with a floral design. The flower shaped design adorns the center of the setting.

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