Ring Finger And Wedding Rings

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Ever wonder why it is that we wear our wedding rings on the fourth finger of our left hands? For crying out loud, the ‘ring finger’ is the only name we have for the fourth digit of our hands! To be honest, I would find it a little comforting if..

Wedding Bracelets: Reviving Trends

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The Victoria era was affectionate toward weddings and grooming. One of the essential wedding trends from the Victorian period is the wedding bracelet. Four bracelets were given to the bride over the course of the courtship, most importantly one each ..

Cash For Gold: Make Money Now

By: Bluestar

There are so many ways you can make a few extra dollars if you are in a pinch. Selling items around your home is probably one of the quickest and easiest ways to accomplish this goal of getting some extra money in your pocket. This includes jewelry! ..