The Beauty in Birthstones

We all know that “the beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”, yet the beauty of the birthstones lies in the fact that they are not just amazingly beautiful but they also showed the wearer with much needed good luck and charm. Here we are listing the gemstones that one can wear according to one’s birth month.



Garnet: A garnet is a perfect epitome of trust and eternal bond of friendship and love.

Origin: The word Garnet has its origination in the word ‘Garanatus’ that refers to something that looks like a pomegranate seed.

Legend:  It is believed that Noah had used an intricately cut glowing garnet to light up the dark during the dark rainy nights and days.



Amethyst: An amethyst is an epitome of Valour and coherence.

Origin: The word amethyst has its roots in the Greek word améthystos which literally meant not intoxicating.

Legend: It was believed that a person with amethyst in his possession will remain free of any kind of addiction and would be guarded against getting himself drunk.



Aquamarine: This aqua blue colored gemstone is an epitome of placidity and prudence.

Origin:  The word Aquamarine has its roots in the Latin word Aqua meaning water. The color of this birthstone is sea blue hence the name aquamarine.

Legend: An aquamarine is known as a sailor’s gem as it was believed to make the sailors and soldiers unbeatable as per the Greek and Roman mythology.



Diamond: This colorless and flawless stone is believed to be a perfect epitome of unfaltering love, fortitude, and resolution.

Origin: The word diamond has its roots in the Greek word ‘Adamao’ which literally means to tame.

Legend: According to a Roman mythology the arrows of the cupid were adorned with diamonds which were believed to be tears of god.



Emerald: An emerald is an epitome of aspiration and escalation in one’s career and personal life.

Origin: The word Emerald has its roots in an old French word Esmeralda and Greek word smaragds which meant shine.

Legend: As per Egyptian mythology an emerald stood for revival, vitality, and virility. There was a common belief in ancient times about the ability of Emerald to keep evil spirits at bay.



Pearl or Alexandrite: It is a perfect epitome of opulence and love.

Origin: This beautiful stone has been named after the Tsar of Russia ‘Alexander II’ for his empathy towards its people.

Legend: The legend holds that a person wearing an alexandrite has an immense intuitive ability and is capable of dealing with the most desperate situations victoriously.



Ruby: A ruby is a blood red gemstone which used to a symbol of riches and luxury.

Origin: The name ruby has its root in the Latin word ‘Rubeus’ that meant red color.

Legend: It was believed that possession of a ruby will increase one’s wealth, befriend its rivals and protect one from the possible harms from enemies.



Peridot: A Peridot is an olive-green colored gemstone that epitomizes strength, prestige, and capability.

Origin: The origination of the word is still uncertain but some believe that it might have its root in the Greek word ‘peridona’ meaning one that gives prosperity.

Legend: The Egyptian legends believed that Peridot protected its wearer from the evil spirits when setting in gold.



Sapphire:   A Sapphire signifies royalty, angelic quality, and prudence.

Origin: The ultimate origin of the word sapphire lays in Sanskrit word ‘shanipriya’ which literally means Saturn’s, beloved.

Legend: In ancient times it was believed that the world was rested on a giant sapphire and the blue color of the sky was a result of reflection of solar light from this gem.



Opal: It epitomizes conviction and loyalty.

Origin: The word opal has its root in the Greek word opállios meaning precious stone.

Legend: The Arabic legends states that the opal was bestowed to mankind from heaven whenever lightning flashes occur.



Topaz: A topaz signifies devotion and endearment to its wearer.

Origin: The word Topaz literally means ‘fire’ and its origination can be traced in the Sanskrit language.

Legend: As per the Greek mythology a Topaz was believed to make its wearer invisible to the eyes of enemies.



Turquoise: A turquoise signifies Serendipity and triumph.

Origin: The word turquoise is believed to have been derived from the French word ‘turques’ for ‘Turks’. This mineral was first mined in turkey hence the name.

Legend: This stone was held in high regards in Persian mythology. It was believed that if a person wants to attain unending wealth he must see the reflection of the new moon in Turquoise.

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