How to Deal With Not Being a Fan of Your Engagement Ring

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! So what happens when your spouse gets you an engagement ring that pushes all the wrong buttons in your brain’s pleasure centre?

Nothing short of hell might erupt! But that is, of course, an expected hazard of married life. But is there a way to overcome this affliction?

Lizrlj from Designers and Diamonds talks about it.


It’s ok! Now is when you and I disquiet that inner monologue, playing out like the comments section of a clickbait Facebook post. You are not a gold digger. You are not a materialistic monster. Obviously the most important thing about your engagement is that you love the great guy you’re marrying. But it’s not the only thing! The ring is allowed to be an important part of your engagement (otherwise I wouldn’t spend so much time talking about it!) And all those haters in our imaginary comment thread probably relished the moment they got to post their own ring selfie, showing off a ring they loved. You deserve the same thing. See full post here

So there you have it! Another relationship saved from the clutches of utter doom. Thanks to a good sense of jewelry!