About Halo Engagement Rings.

Halo engagement rings look very attractive and stylish. From Art Nouveau and Art Deco, to a classic diamond halo, there are many different styles and finishes to choose from. The attractive features of these rings make every occasion very special. For those people who want a glamorous look in any occasion, the halo engagement rings can be said as the best option. According to a research about 90% of women love to wear these rings as they really look very stylish and attractive.


In the following article by Kim Fusaro, she explains in detail what Halo Engagement rings are so popular?

9 Next-Generation Halo Engagement Rings You’ll Love

Halo engagement rings are always lovely—we’re particularly fond of them in yellow and rose gold. But since they’ve surged in popularity over the past five or so years, a plain halo setting can feel a little “been there, seen that.” (Particularly for people who {ahem! } look at engagement rings all day long.) If you want the prettiness and extra sparkle that come with a halo setting—the result of a diamond surrounded by diamonds—but don’t want an engagement ring that looks like all your friends’ you’re in luck: We found nine next-generation halo engagement rings that feel totally fresh. Lots are by West Coast designer Single Stone, who’s just doing new takes on diamonds-on-diamonds better than anyone right now. See full post here:


There are a few more choices to make when selecting a halo engagement ring. One of which is whether the girdle of the diamond sits flush with the halo or is raised above it and the other choice to make is whether there is a gap between the Halo and the center diamond. Known as an “airline” gap, settings with no gap make the center diamond appear larger.

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