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3 Tips to choose your own online jewelry store

3 Tips to Choose Your Own Online Jewelry Store

Choosing an ethnic piece on jewelry calls for a careful collaboration of several factors. You would want to choose a unique metal to add charm to the jewelry. To add accents or detailing, you need to have a fair idea on the designs the fashion jewel industry comes up with. You can select a suitable style to have diamond stones decorated. To add to the engraving bit, planning needs to be done, well in advance. Hopping from one retail establishment to another is simply going to eat up your time. You can choose an online jewelry store and get the designs customized at your own pace.

3 exclusive tips to choose your own store:

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3 Enticing Ways on How you Create Your Own Custom Design Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, you want to create your own unique or stylish appeal. This happens when you take the time and efforts to re-create your own pieces on jewelry. With custom design jewelry options, offered by Sachs jewelers, this particular constraint need not be an ordeal at all.
Helping you discover three enticing ways on how you create custom design jewelry and redefine your sense of fashion.

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A complete guide to hassle-free jewelry repair

Fine jewelry is likely to experience a little wear and tear with prolonged wearing over a period of time. It is always advised to get one’s jewelry checked annually for repair of any possible wear and tear caused by wearing it day in and day out. Whenever an accidental damage occurs to our jewelry we get the Goosebumps and there are several questions racing through our mind like how would I get it repaired? How much would it cost me?  And many more questions of the likes. Here we have compiled a complete guide for a hassle-free jewelry. Read on:


Custom Jewelry repair:

If you have bought your custom made jewelry from a store near you then, we are sure that they will offer complete professional help in repairing the jewelry. If you do not have the privilege of the same jeweler nearby then it is best to get your jewelry repaired from a jeweler store that has professionally and ethically skilled persons to handle the jewelry along with a reputed name in your area.


Know your jewelry

It’s always good to k now the basics about your jewelry when taking it for repair

Like the actual weight of the metal, carat weight of the gemstones used so that you

are well aware of the statistics of the jewelry piece that you are handing for repair and should check the same after the repair to match the standards.


A little knowledge

A repaired jewelry should not have any visible marks of hammering with any tool. It should be free from any type of seams made by cutting or soldering. Stones should be tightly secured in the prongs.


Changing ring size

If you are at a jewelry shop to get a ring resized, it is best done by the following three methods namely Cutting and soldering: in this method, the ring is first cut and then soldered to fit the size of the wearer. Sizing beads are placed on the insides of the ring to fill in any minor size differences.


Chain Repair

When getting a chain repaired, remember that it won’t be as strong as it used to be earlier but that doesn’t mean that it will become very fragile to handle a light gemstone. Chain repairs usually charge more than a routine jewelry repair.


Prong Repair

Wearing the ring day in and day out results in the wear and tear of the prongs further resulting in the loosening of the diamonds. It is always better to get it repaired on time to avoid any kind of accidental loss of the gemstone.

With this complete guide to repair the jewelry, you are ready to get your jewelry repaired hassle free.

How to Deal With Not Being a Fan of Your Engagement Ring

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! So what happens when your spouse gets you an engagement ring that pushes all the wrong buttons in your brain’s pleasure centre?

Nothing short of hell might erupt! But that is, of course, an expected hazard of married life. But is there a way to overcome this affliction?

Lizrlj from Designers and Diamonds talks about it.


It’s ok! Now is when you and I disquiet that inner monologue, playing out like the comments section of a clickbait Facebook post. You are not a gold digger. You are not a materialistic monster. Obviously the most important thing about your engagement is that you love the great guy you’re marrying. But it’s not the only thing! The ring is allowed to be an important part of your engagement (otherwise I wouldn’t spend so much time talking about it!) And all those haters in our imaginary comment thread probably relished the moment they got to post their own ring selfie, showing off a ring they loved. You deserve the same thing. See full post here

So there you have it! Another relationship saved from the clutches of utter doom. Thanks to a good sense of jewelry!

Oscars Jewelry: What You Missed

The Oscars has been the most-talked about event for years now. Designers from all over the world convince celebrities to put on their products and introduce their latest designs to the whole world.

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We took note of the apparel flaunted throughout the ceremony. But here are some of the gems you might have missed (article by Jennifer Heebner):

The Awesome Oscar Jewels You Might Have Missed

Watching the Oscars can be one big blur of stars, gowns, and jewels—there are so many folks walking that red carpet that it’s darn near impossible to appreciate every one! And if the celeb isn’t one of the more sought-after (think nominee) names at the show, it’s even easier to miss what they’re wearing. To that end, here’s a short list of folks whose jewels I love, and that you might not have had the opportunity to see. See full post here

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This year the Oscars were dominated by diamonds and platinum. Our website has one of an immense collections of quality diamond jewelry.

Take a look: