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Celebrating 25 years of Milestones with Anniversary Rings

Your life-partner and you are going to be celebrating a huge milestone- 25 years of marriage. It is a big accomplishment, congratulations! What better way to celebrate a lifetime of happiness than with gorgeous diamonds?
The perfect gifts to honour the big milestone are anniversary rings. The rings can be worn along with your engagement ring or by themselves. 25 years of marriage deserves a gorgeous diamond anniversary ring.

Given below is a list of dazzling and exquisite Diamond Anniversary Rings, you are sure to fall in love with.

1. Platinum Pave Silk Diamond Three Quarter Round Band

It is a beautiful three-quarter round band available in platinum, yellow and white gold. The pave set ring has four lines of diamonds to add some big sparkle to your finger. For a smooth and elegant look, the diamonds are aligned in gorgeous sequenced lines. With its sparkle and shine, the ring does attract a lot of attention.

2. White Gold Four Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Ring

It is an extremely unique and delicate piece that has four cushion cut diamonds. The diamond halos add beauty and make the ring look bigger in appearance. The ring is perfect for a queen and will look amazing paired with your engagement ring or alone.

3. White Gold Paragon Four Row Diamond Eternity Band

The eternity ring represents your commitment to each other. The brilliantly cut diamonds create a luxurious look which makes it the perfect 25th anniversary gift. The ring, available in white gold, platinum and yellow gold, is sure to make any woman smile. The ring will look gorgeous when worn alone due to its radiance and beauty.

4. Platinum Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Asscher cut diamonds have a smooth glimmer and shine of an emerald cut but in a square shape. This Eternity band is a prong set and could compliment any engagement ring or wedding band due to its smooth, contemporary design. With its bold sparkle, it will make an amazing addition to any ring collection.

These are some of the anniversary rings collection you can select from. In case you need to know more, Sachs Jewelers has a beautiful collection of rings.

Timeliness of Your Love in the Most Beautiful Way with Anniversary Rings

Another word for diamonds is love, tenderness and brightness. Diamonds have always expressed love and care. Every fairy tale in this world of love and romance includes diamonds, an element that makes the bond stronger. Sparkling diamond anniversary rings are as timeless as your love. They signify your vows and promise of a lifetime of togetherness.

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3c's collection - Sachs

Is your wedding anniversary coming up? Buy an anniversary ring and surprise your better half on your anniversary. You would probably ask yourself if such rings are only designed for anniversaries. Or are they different from engagement rings and the wedding bands?

What makes the rings so special?

Before taking about how and why the anniversary rings are special, ask yourself why anniversaries are important. Your anniversary celebrates your togetherness and confirms your faith in the relationship. The rings do the same. The rings could have diamonds or gemstone in them. They could even be in the form of bands, like wedding band or eternity bands.

When can you gift an anniversary ring?

A 60TH anniversary is called a Diamond anniversary. You need not wait so long. You can make every anniversary special by giving your better half something special. A diamond ring can be gifted for every marriage anniversary. You can always choose some other occasions to say you’re the anniversary of the first time you both met or another special day to do the honors.

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You can give your loved one a diamond ring on any occasion even though your anniversary is the best timing. Your anniversary is one of the special days in the whole year. You and your sweetheart need a special diamond anniversary gift.

If you are still wondering as to how an Anniversary Ring is so special, you can head on over to Sachs Jewelers. Visit (Sachs Jewelers) or call 508-792-2300.

The Most Precious Symbol of Love – Wedding Rings

The most beautiful words spoken at a wedding are “With this ring, I thee wed.’ The words make a man and woman, husband and wife for eternity. The bonding is completed with slipping a ring on the bride and the groom’s fingers. It doesn’t come as a surprise as to why the wedding ring is chosen carefully.


A man’s ring is made with plain metal and a woman is made with precious stones like diamonds and other gemstones. Times have changed and now, even men wear rings with precious stones. The variety of rings accessible in the market is gold, white gold, platinum and several others.

They come in various styles like plain and others that are engraved. The rings have to match each other’s personality and are available in the same metal and precious stones.  It makes it really exciting. Picture both the couples wearing the same styled rings.


Wedding rings are a symbol of love that has no end. The ring is always worn on the ring finger. The hand it is worn on depends on the customs of each country.  In the western world, it is worn on the left hand and in most, on the right hand.  The reason behind wearing it on the ring finger is because, it was believed that this specific finger was known as the lover’s finger and so, the tradition carried on.

It is a custom in Europe where the spouse’s name and the wedding date is engraved inside the wedding ring. In most customs, a small kid is the ring bearer who carried the rings on a pillow or the best man is in charge of the wedding rings.


It is always nice to consider traditions and value of a wedding ring when making arrangements for the wedding day and buying the rings. Even though most people don’t believe in having a traditional wedding, it makes it exciting to have some of those traditions and to make it a memorable day.  The bride and groom will remember all the fun they had on their wedding day by looking at the ring. Shopping for rings is fun and exciting. It comes only once and makes the best of it.

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