4C's Loose Diamonds

4 Important Aspects to Know Before Buying Certified Loose Diamonds

Buying finished diamond jewelry is a great idea but investing in certified loose diamonds goes a long way.  It gives you a scope to be creative in your own ways.

Loose diamonds hold value longer than the ones that are already set in jewelry; they are always worth more. This also ensures that the diamonds that are being set in your jewelry is tested by a gemologist unlike in pre-set diamond rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

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Pick the Right Men’s Jewelry for Your Love

Men love jewelry. You just have to know what makes your man’s eyes glow and find the right fit! Men’s jewelry is rare but not scarce and there’s always some kind of jewelry you can give a man, even to those who don’t wear it on a daily basis.

You can find varied categories of jewelry to gift your man on any occasion, or no occasion at all.

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Discover Designer Bulova Watches from Sachs

Wearing a stylish time-piece can take your persona to an all-new high. When you get affordable watches from designer brands, things get even better. You can wear a trendy watch along with a crisp shirt and designer pants. You are all set to go.

Presenting an exclusive range on the all-new Designer Bulova watches:

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3 Tips to choose your own online jewelry store

3 Tips to Choose Your Own Online Jewelry Store

Choosing an ethnic piece on jewelry calls for a careful collaboration of several factors. You would want to choose a unique metal to add charm to the jewelry. To add accents or detailing, you need to have a fair idea on the designs the fashion jewel industry comes up with. You can select a suitable style to have diamond stones decorated. To add to the engraving bit, planning needs to be done, well in advance. Hopping from one retail establishment to another is simply going to eat up your time. You can choose an online jewelry store and get the designs customized at your own pace.

3 exclusive tips to choose your own store:

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