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Five Trendy Varieties of Charms you need to have

Charms are intricately designed pendants to lend a personalized touch to wearing jewelry in style. You can add funky looking objects like say a dolphin or a turtle. Else you can opt for more feminine designs on charms when you choose a floral or a fancy design.

These are five trendy varieties on Charms, you cannot do without:

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Exclusive Designs on Diamond Pendants for Mother’s Day

When you want to gift something exclusive to a loved one, your mom’s face comes to your mind. She is the most wonderful incarnation for you, on the planet. She has given you oodles of love, care and protection, without expecting anything in return. It is this unconditional form of love, you crave for all through your life.

These are exclusive Diamond pendants- Mother’s Day special.

Theme-based diamond pendants

You can customize jewelry to create beautiful themes. ‘Heart is where mom is’ makes way for a lovely theme-based pendant, for this mother’s day. You have a huge heart-shaped locket decorated with pave-cut diamond stones. Within the bigger heart-shaped locket, you discover a smaller heart made from a stunning form of 14K yellow gold. You also find the word ‘Mom’, inscribed within the bigger locket.


This is a resplendent pendant you can go in for. Plus you attach the mind-boggling pendant to a 30”mm chain. You can customize the similar pendant by making use of pink gold instead of yellow.

One of its real kind

Who is the rising sun in your life? Obviously, it is your mom. You can affirm this without the slightest element of doubt. You can go in for a diamond rising sun pendant brought to you by a designer label.


 The yellow gold setting has a generous dose of diamond stones neatly arranged to form the sun and the rays it emits. The mother’s day rising sun is a wonderful and an exclusive, designer pendant, you can go in for.

Angel heart locket

At Sachs, you discover another fascinating theme on diamond pendants- Mother’s day special. This is an angel carved out, on a 14K yellow-gold plated sterling silver setting.


You can easily attach a suitable chain where you can put the locket into. The pick comes to you at a very much affordable price range of $54.

These are three fascinating varieties of diamond pendants for mother’s Day. At Sachs, you have invigorating sets of gold, silver and diamond jewelry. The online hub can be reached via

Exclusive varieties of jewelry to celebrate mother’s day in style

Mom was the one who carried you in her womb. She continues to carry you in her heart forever. She looks after you, nurtures your interests, cooks yummy food for you and the list is endless. God cannot be present everywhere, so he created a Mom for you. The unconditional love and support, a mom can offer you, cannot be compared to any other form of love.

You can give away exclusive gifts for your mom in law as well. She gives away her in son in return of your love towards her.

In this Mother’s Day blog, we have lined up some of the wonderful gifts, you can choose from:

Pearl Water charm

You get the purest form of fresh water pearls at the designer fashion jewelry store named Sachs. When you have a singular or a clustered set of pearls, the number of customized gifts, you can come up with are endless.


 You can have a designer bracelet made from pearls. Or add the pearl charm to your neck chain. You can also engrave heart-warming messages, to ethnic pieces of jewelry.

Colored Diamond Ring

To woo your mom, especially this Mother’s Day, this is an exclusive gift, the store has for you. You can choose a colored diamond ring. Choose a stylish criss cross ring for your mom.


The encase is made from the purest form of 14K white gold. The criss cross setting takes radiance via an enchanting combination of black and white diamond stones. You can secretly measure the ring size of hers and place the order, right away.

Hooped earrings

Hooped earrings make a fabulous choice when you feel like sporting one, for a casual day outing. Else you can pair-up the trendy set for your daily office-wear, as well.


A giant shaped hooped ear studs give an attractive appearance to your face. On a pure 14K yellow gold setting, the hoops are intricately designed, using pave-cut stones.

These are the meaningful gifts added to the Mother’s day blog.

Sachs deals with fascinating array of various forms of jewel sets. To have a look at their stunning display of designs online, feel free to reach the team at