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Discover remarkable pieces of Custom Design Jewelry

When it comes to custom design jewelry, you have options of getting the design, setting and gem stone arrangement remodeled, the way you had always wanted to. If you own an heirloom diamond stone that your grandmother had gifted you, you want to carry the legacy forward. That is the sentimental feel attached to it that makes you retain one. A string of loose diamond stones can also be used to customize jewel sets in a spectacular manner.

Taking you through tips, techniques and exclusive custom designs, you can possibly go for:

Designer necklace

This is a designer necklace made from a tint of fresh 14K white gold. You can have the necklace made from sterling silver as well. The necklace follows a free-style or rather a custom-design pattern for you to reveal your sense of creativity, in a vibrant manner. You can either include your family birth stones across the chain. Else you can adorn your favorite shaded gem stones across the dazzling necklace. The studs has asymmetrical spots, adding to the ethereal beauty.

A cocktail ring

You can ask the jeweler to design the ring the way you want. Feel free to choose between settings and style. Huge emerald stones or blood red moonstone can be chosen for the night-party effect. If you want the Engagement ring to have a flavor of sanctity, you can choose alexandrite, sapphires or gorgeous diamond stones added to the setting.

Sketch designed jewelry

When you want to customize jewelry, this is another stunningly cool technique, you can come up with. You can ask the jewelry designer to sketch the piece for you. It can be a vivid form of custom design jewelry that resonates the feel-good vibes. It can be a floral design like a daisy or a lily etched on to the ring. You can create heart shaped necklaces, stylish bracelets and cool pendants using the sketch designs. The design you and your jeweler select, will then be molded into the exact jewel piece.

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Discover Assorted Picks on Engagement cum Wedding rings

As you all must be aware of, diamond engagement rings and authentic varieties of wedding bands form an integral part of bridal jewelry.

Taking you through some of the most astounding styles on Engagement cum wedding bands:

Vintage styles

Classic styled engagement rings can have a detailed designing covering the outer rim of the band. You can also choose filigree or floral accents to elevate the formal appearance of an Engagement or a Wedding day ceremony.

Trinity knots have three leaves clasping against one another. A vintage style can also take an archeological designing done across the band.

Pictorial Wedding Bands

In the present era, we are blessed to have sophisticated technology at the digital as well as the fashion jewelry world. Laser inscribed pictorial fonts can be etched with the highest degree of precision, after all. Just select a background portrait. Else you can upload a photo of your choice and have it embedded on to the band.

Statement Rings

For a more casual look, rings made from sterling silver or yellow gold can be chosen. You can engrave a statement that you would love connecting with. And the statement can be a daring one, as well. Stackable rings can also be chosen for the grand occasion.

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Heart-Warming Messages

These are engraved rings. You can have a heart-warming love message or a romantic alibi, engraved on a classic styled ring. You will need to select plain or straight line rings to have engraved messages done in a neat and hassle-free manner. Stoned rings are not ideal ones. This is simply because, engraving disrupts the careful positioning of stones. These may fall off. The other reason for avoiding engraving on stone rings is this. The letters or the phrases of the message may look distorted.

Personalized Styles

You can also have personalized rings done. With fusion of metals, stones or pearls, custom jewelry can be a pretty looking style to imbibe on your ring designing.

These are 5 authentic styles as to how you can add a new dimension to bridal jewelry.

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Why do you sell jewelry for cash?

Recycled gold is becoming the biggest upheaval in creating trendier designs on jewelry. Quite a lot of jewelry stores operating as a brick and mortar and online chain do accept gold or trinkets in as-is-where-in condition.

Helping you understand three reasons on why you sell jewelry for cash and how you can capitalize in the best manner:

Immediate financial emergencies

If your spouse, kid or your loved one has suddenly fallen ill, the first thing that comes to your mind is instant money. You break into your bank account and you pledge jewels to revoke money.

But to mobilize funds in a better manner, you can quickly try getting your jewelry appraised via a renowned jewelry store in town. A clear track of precious gem stones used, diamond studs and other finesse aspects are elaborated in the appraiser’s report. This way, you can claim fair value for jewelry even in a hopelessly bad situation.

Daughter’s wedding

You need to sell jewelry for cash if you want to cope with immediate expenses, connected with your daughter’s wedding plans. The wedding or reception hall has to be booked. You may need money to buy the wedding gown for your darling princess, out there. The wedding band has to be blocked in advance. You will have to shell out a certain percentage of the actual piece, so that the owner retains that particular piece for you.

There is a better way to do this. Have a chat with the groom’s parents to know if they can accommodate a shared wedding plan. In other words, the expenses connected with the wedding event are equally shared between both parties. Else you can apply for a soft loan. The gold bars can be converted into trendier forms of jewelry for sure. So why waste them at all?

Are you financially broke?

You do not have pending expenses to meet out. But you are striving harder than ever before for bread and butter. This can be a compelling reason to sell jewelry for money.
You can try getting an online diamond certificate from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gem Society). This way, you can claim a far better value for the jewelry you have at hand.

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