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Fall in love with these Bridal Rings

You may pretty much be wondering on what ring to choose for your Engagement? Bridal rings can be chosen using a variety of colors, shades and designs.
Presenting you with exotic models brought to you by Sachs jewelers:

Tiara Shaped Ring

This is an elegant wedding band where you have intricate stones designed to the form the shape of a tiara. You can fondly name it an Infinity band, as well.


 The diamond stones adorning the center are worth 0.24 carats. The setting takes shape via white/yellow/rose gold. You can customize the Engagement cum Eternity band using Platinum.

Unveil magic via a 3 stone ring

This is a classic styled wedding band, you are going to fall in love with. On a straight-line band, you have three stones that unveil absolute magic. The central stone is the biggest while the other two stones are smaller.


You also find two more stones adorned at the rear end of the ring. You find these embedded on both sides of the ring.
On a pure 14K white gold setting, the stones alone are worth a whopping 0.35 carats.

Discover a Cluster Design

The stylish ring is exquisitely crafted using 14K White gold. You find diamond stones arranged to form a pretty-looking cluster.


The cluster shaped studs are found on both sides of the ring. Not to forget the outstanding solitaire that stands right there at the center. The stones are almost worth a carat, i.e. 0.96 carats.

Rose Gold Collection

You can have marquise shaped diamonds or a petite solitaire across a rose gold ring.


The pink quotient adds to the romantic feel, in the most fabulous way. The rose gold can take its essence from 14K/ 18K.

These are 4 astounding picks on Bridal Rings, you are going to fall in love with.

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Super-Exciting Picks on Jewelry

You can now pick your fascinating collectibles from the plush online jewelry store in Massachusetts. You have Sachs which is a renowned brand in gem stone and diamond jewelry.
Helping you discover the store’s fabulous and curated picks that can leave you asking for more:

14K Gold Ring with a New Twist

Explore the brand new strawberry ring to your jewelry closet. This is a fantastic 14K gold ring that, has an added twist, to make your love-life, even more memorable. The band is studded with chocolate and vanilla diamonds. These are rarer stones that add to the ethereal beauty. Do you think the signora band is $2000? The band is priced at a mere $999. You can reach the store at Mashpee or Shrewsbury in Massachusetts. Else you can order the piece online too.

14K Rose Gold Semi-Mount Diamond Wedding Band

If you are planning to tie the nuptial knot round the corner, then wait no further. This is a brand new design on wedding band. It is made from an authentic 14K rose gold that adds to the tint of lovable romance, like none other. It is a semi-mount ring to add to the pretty looks of the band. Side stones are worth a whopping 0.26 carats.
If you thought that the ring might turn out to be a little pricey, we have got the happy news for you. The amazingly cool wedding band can be availed at just $627. Grab the piece before it vanishes from the stands.

Fabulous White Gold Band

For the classic styled beauty, you just cannot miss out on this one. The solitaire diamond stone is a magnanimous 1 Carat. This is the weight of the Central stone alone. To make the stunning band even more pleasing to the eye, the band is designed using 14K white gold. The side-stones are decorated elegantly and these are 0.39 carats, in terms of their weight. A diamond ring that is made from a superlative 1.40 carats worth diamond stones, you can easily grab the band for a price lesser than $3000.

Fresh Water Cultured Pearl Necklace

Have you decided what to wear for your spring prom party? This is a fresh water cultured pearl necklace than can be availed for as less than $200 per piece. The pearl necklace is made from a bronze setting. You have a doublet pearl which also doubles up as a stand-alone pendant.

These are 4 signature pieces, the Online Jewelry Store In Massachusetts has come up with.

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Explore Fashionable Men’s Rings made from Gem Stones

If you really want to impress your man, with stellar designs on jewelry, you can gift away men’s rings. These are designed using a wide range of pretty looking gem stones.

Here they are:

Mozambique Garnet


The sterling silver Mozambique ring can take your love to cloud 9. The majestic stone emanates the highest degree of radiance. You can select the size. The rings can also be made from yellow gold.

14K Yellow Gold Men’s Onyx


This is a gorgeous ring you gift to the man of your life. The stylish ring is designed making use of the purest form of 14K yellow gold. You not only have the onyx stone placed right there at the center, but also discover a cute looking diamond stone. The diamond stone sparkles through the onyx gem-stone. Do you think the ring is too pricey? No, you get the astounding pick under the $1000 mark.

Sapphires and Diamonds Look Gorgeous


Do you want to discover an absolute stunner on men’s rings? The 14K yellow ring comprises of sapphire stones and diamond studs, to add to the glam. The diamond stones alone are worth a whopping 0.25 carats. Isn’t that a wonderful ring to go for?

Passionate Blood Stone


Explore a whole new passion and an undying spirit with the men’s 14 K yellow gold ring with a blood stone right there at the center. This is a stylish ring you can gift your man on your wedding Anniversary Day.

Mighty Emerald


Give a powerful vibe to the whole idea behind getting your man, a brand new ring. A leading label named Chatham gives a wonderful emerald stone ring encased on a 14K yellow gold setting.

The posh diamond stones covering the emerald gives a posh look to the setting.
Sachs is the showroom which provides fascinating picks on Men’s Jewelry. To reach the glorious store across the web, type in