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Exclusive buying tips on Gold Jewelry

Gold has always fascinated mankind ever since the dawn of the era. Egyptians considered gold to be equivalent to the shine of the sun. That was the primary reason, why gold was extensively used, just to design pharaohs.

Presenting 4 exclusive buying tips when it comes to owning gold jewelry:

Look for the finest quality

Before going in for the purchase, you need to pay attention, to the quality of jewelry, you are paying for. Pure 24 Karat gold is too soft to be molded into various forms of jewelry. In order to increase its strength and durability, metal alloys are mixed with gold. Then earrings, bracelets, necklaces and finger rings are designed. 14 Karat is the most commonly used alloy at the States. This means, the jewelry comprises of 59% of pure gold.

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Know the alloys

As discussed in the previous paragraph, pure gold cannot be used to make jewelry. You can stack 24 karat gold coins and make jewelry with designs, you have in mind. Certain alloys are used along with gold, in order to lend the jewelry, with a durable finish.
White gold is created by mixing pure gold with palladium and nickel or using zinc and copper. As none of these metals are pure white in color, the jewelry is further dipped in a coat of rhodium. Rhodium belongs to the platinum group metal. That is how you get a stunningly white gold finish.


Rose gold which is a big fascination among young girls of today’s generation is created by mixing pure gold with copper. It is 59% gold mixed with copper.

Look for an authentic certification

A hall mark symbol denotes certification of purity. This is while you shop for authentic pieces on gold jewelry. Pay attention to whether you have BIS hall mark for the jewelry, you plan buying from the store. American Jeweler’s Association also hall-mark pieces of gold jewelry, connoting their quality.

Keep your cash invoices or memos handy


 If you want to reclaim the complete value for money while selling gold, you need to keep your cash invoices or memos handy. These clearly state the type of jewelry you purchased from the store. The details furnished will have added info, on gem stones used, while designing the jewel piece. This way, you can claim maximum value for your money while selling these.

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4 Exclusive Designs on Ring Wraps

Well, what do you understand by the term ‘ring wraps?’

Ring wraps or ring enhancers, as they are popularly called, are curved rings worn on top of wedding or Engagement rings. The ring guards usually protect your Engagement ring or wedding band from being exposed to the constant wear or tear. Your Engagement cum wedding bands usually are solitaire diamond rings. Ring wraps are designed, having curved knuckles. This way, your Engagement rings or wedding bands easily fit into these.

Presenting you with four exclusive designs on ring enhancers:

V-shaped design


This is a beautiful ring guard that is V shaped. You discover a round brilliant cut across the center portion of the ring. The 14K white gold encase makes sure, the enhancer perfectly fits into your Solitaire diamond Engagement ring.

A Diamond Enhancer


This is a stunningly pretty diamond enhancer ring which has got a huge 1/5th carat diamond cut, adorning the center. The setting comes to you with a 14K white gold finish. When you wear your Engagement ring with the double tiered wedding enhancer, you get a superb stackable wear, adding charm to your pretty little fingers.

Moon-shaped cut


You can shop for your Engagement ring once you have a suitable ring enhancer, in place. This is a superb tiara ring that has an enlightening moon-shaped curve. This creates a wow effect. The diamond studded stunner comprises of a band that is made from a sparkling 14K white gold. This finesse enhancer can add to the good-looking vibes, indeed.

Vintage Cathedral Ring Guard


This is a vintage styled ring wrap, to add to your lovely jewelry collection. The design is a dual layered ring-case studded with solitaire diamonds. You can place your wedding band within the ethnic case, to add to the royal vibes.

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Trendy designs on Eternity Rings

Eternity rings make exotic choices, when it comes to choosing Anniversary rings. A look at some of the stellar designs that can take your girl to the moon and back:

Emerald Eternity Ring


This is a cool ring you can gift your spouse on the eve of your Anniversary Day. It is an 18K yellow gold setting. The emerald stones are elegantly decorated across the band. You can engrave personalized messages across the band, for a super duper effect. It can be something like ‘Moon of my life’ or ‘You are the Sunshine of my life’ and so on.

Diamond-gold Eternity Ring


It is a magical mix of gold and diamonds to make the amazingly fabulous Anniversary band. The coveted stones are decorated in a stunning way. Diamond stones of different shapes and sizes are used, while having the ring designed. The setting is a stunning 18K yellow gold. This is one of the best Anniversary rings that can melt away the heart of your darling.

Blue Sapphire Celtic Anniversary Ring


This is a Celtic design that can leave a mind-blowing effect on your dear and darling wife. The band is elegantly decorated with blue sapphire stones, to woo her away.
Choosing the metal, type of stone and design of the band calls for great taste for jewelry. This is from the buyer’s point of view.

Multi-colored Eternity Ring


You can choose a ring with multi-colored stones engraved on the same. These include emeralds, blue sapphires, amethyst, garnets and lot more. The multi-colored hues add to a vibrant feel, when your lady-love wears one.

Turquoise Eternity Ring


You can have a combination of turquoise shaded stones and diamonds. The beautiful Eternity Ring comes to you with a yellow-gold setting. It is a lovely ring that can match any kind of outfit, as ease.

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