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Celebrating 25 years of Milestones with Anniversary Rings

Your life-partner and you are going to be celebrating a huge milestone- 25 years of marriage. It is a big accomplishment, congratulations! What better way to celebrate a lifetime of happiness than with gorgeous diamonds?
The perfect gifts to honour the big milestone are anniversary rings. The rings can be worn along with your engagement ring or by themselves. 25 years of marriage deserves a gorgeous diamond anniversary ring.

Given below is a list of dazzling and exquisite Diamond Anniversary Rings, you are sure to fall in love with.

1. Platinum Pave Silk Diamond Three Quarter Round Band

It is a beautiful three-quarter round band available in platinum, yellow and white gold. The pave set ring has four lines of diamonds to add some big sparkle to your finger. For a smooth and elegant look, the diamonds are aligned in gorgeous sequenced lines. With its sparkle and shine, the ring does attract a lot of attention.

2. White Gold Four Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Ring

It is an extremely unique and delicate piece that has four cushion cut diamonds. The diamond halos add beauty and make the ring look bigger in appearance. The ring is perfect for a queen and will look amazing paired with your engagement ring or alone.

3. White Gold Paragon Four Row Diamond Eternity Band

The eternity ring represents your commitment to each other. The brilliantly cut diamonds create a luxurious look which makes it the perfect 25th anniversary gift. The ring, available in white gold, platinum and yellow gold, is sure to make any woman smile. The ring will look gorgeous when worn alone due to its radiance and beauty.

4. Platinum Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Asscher cut diamonds have a smooth glimmer and shine of an emerald cut but in a square shape. This Eternity band is a prong set and could compliment any engagement ring or wedding band due to its smooth, contemporary design. With its bold sparkle, it will make an amazing addition to any ring collection.

These are some of the anniversary rings collection you can select from. In case you need to know more, Sachs Jewelers has a beautiful collection of rings.

Special Three- Stone Diamond Ring She’ll Love to Flaunt

Try to be different, flaunt a special look on your better half’s ring finger by purchasing a sparkling diamond ring that will get her plenty of “oohs and aahs!” Yes, go a different way and look beyond the charm of a solitaire diamond ring.

Why is ‘Three Stone Diamond Rings’ special?

You would select a ring that symbolizes your eternal love for your future better half right? You would want to select something that would match your special someone’s style and your budget as well. Buy one of the most long-lasting symbols of love that will amaze you with three diamonds, not just one.

three stone ringsThese rings are truly special as they flaunt the classic look due to the size and pattern of the diamonds. They charm you with their eternal beauty and refined looks.
These stylish and classic pieces of jewelry add value to your bride to be’s jewelry collection. Explore the designs and settings of the sparkling three diamond rings provided by jewelry stores.

A Perfect Story to Tell

Behind every three stone diamond ring, there is a beautiful story. The three stones of the rings represent the past, present, and future bond of relationships. These rings are about loving a partner in all stages of life. They symbolize the three most important pillar of a relationship- love, friendship and truth.

When you are looking for a ring with a meaning behind it, a three stone diamond ring is the perfect choice for you. So, start your love story with these three pieces of diamonds set in an ideal way and nature your relationship forever.

Stand Out In the Crowd

couple rings

Your ‘bride to be’ will stand out in the crowd by looking special on your engagement ring. She will be happy with the ring selection and will fall in love with you all over again. She will flaunt your love story to the world and celebrate the dedication you two are set to make for life.

So, go ahead and seal the bond of love with the perfect solitaire diamond ring for your engagement. Browse through the collection of Solitaire Diamond Rings, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact Sachs Jewelers and they can help you find your ideal ring.

Know Everything about a Diamond Bracelet

The name tennis bracelet got its name in the year 1987, during a tennis match. During a tennis match, Chris Evert’s diamond bracelet snaps off her wrist. A tennis bracelet has diamonds of the similar cut, color, clarity and size. It can add some sparkle to your everyday life.

Take a Chance at Rocking a Tennis Bracelet

You can wear the bracelet when going out at night and in the morning when going to work. As it is so comfortable, most women can wear it all day long. If you want to wear it regularly, you could get one with a platinum setting, since the metal is scratch proof.

tennis bracelets

You would want it to be more scratch proof if you are going to be doing these things:

  • Wearing it with a watch

Matching a diamond bracelet with a simple watch has become quite popular. You could even match it with an athletic digital watch.

  • Wearing with another bracelet

Most people worry about two bracelets worn together as they could scrape against each other. It is the perfect style for an evening out.

  • Wearing its own its own

When worn alone without any other accessories, the bracelet good.

The Ideal Fit

The loose, comfortable fit is one of the best qualities of the tennis bracelet. When the arm is resting against your side, the bracelet could slide down to where the wrist meets your hand. You may think its loose, but it is a perfect fit and won’t fall off your hand. In case you are not sure about the fit, then you can try slipping a finger in the space between the bracelet and your wrist.

If the finger slips in, the fit is perfect, as it should be worn every day. You can wear it to the opera, to the beach, the gym or even on a hike, without worrying about it falling off your hand.

So, go ahead and get your shiny, sparkling Tennis Bracelet of your choice. It is always in style and can be worn with any outfit. If you still have a few doubts, then you can ask the jeweler to show you a few of his collections, to get an idea. You will love the versatile bling.