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Gradation of Certified Diamonds

Along with the 4C’s of diamonds we all know about, there is one more C you may not know about- certificates. One of the biggest purchases you will make could be a diamond engagement ring. There is no doubt that you have done your research, window- shopped and dropped a few hints to know what your fiancée to be liked.

Diamonds in Massachusetts

Certified Diamonds are measured and appraised based on the 4Cs and other characteristics. High powered microscopes and other sensitive instruments are used to evaluate and measure the inclusions, sparkle, shape and color of a diamond. The gemologist’s exam each diamond separately and assign grades that are accurate, consistent and reliable.

The laboratory based on the findings, issues a written report that accompanies the diamond. The reports include a line diagram of a diamond from the top and side views and a chart that shows the weight, color grade, cuts and angles and levels of inclusions. To improve the color and clarity, most diamonds are enhanced with lasers, heat and pressure.loose-diamond

Most labs offer services like inscription of a microscopic certification number on the diamond. Most labs offer a series of report options like the synthetic diamond grading report from the Gemological Institute of America and the Science Diamond Grading report from AGS Laboratories. Certified diamonds provide complete assurance on the quality of the diamond.

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Timeliness of Your Love in the Most Beautiful Way with Anniversary Rings

Another word for diamonds is love, tenderness and brightness. Diamonds have always expressed love and care. Every fairy tale in this world of love and romance includes diamonds, an element that makes the bond stronger. Sparkling diamond anniversary rings are as timeless as your love. They signify your vows and promise of a lifetime of togetherness.

semimount wedding rings

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Is your wedding anniversary coming up? Buy an anniversary ring and surprise your better half on your anniversary. You would probably ask yourself if such rings are only designed for anniversaries. Or are they different from engagement rings and the wedding bands?

What makes the rings so special?

Before taking about how and why the anniversary rings are special, ask yourself why anniversaries are important. Your anniversary celebrates your togetherness and confirms your faith in the relationship. The rings do the same. The rings could have diamonds or gemstone in them. They could even be in the form of bands, like wedding band or eternity bands.

When can you gift an anniversary ring?

A 60TH anniversary is called a Diamond anniversary. You need not wait so long. You can make every anniversary special by giving your better half something special. A diamond ring can be gifted for every marriage anniversary. You can always choose some other occasions to say you’re the anniversary of the first time you both met or another special day to do the honors.

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You can give your loved one a diamond ring on any occasion even though your anniversary is the best timing. Your anniversary is one of the special days in the whole year. You and your sweetheart need a special diamond anniversary gift.

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Guide to Shopping for Men’s Jewelry

Women love shopping for jewelry, but when it comes to shopping for men, they often get confused. As there is a lot of variety in jewelry like gold chains, bracelets, bands, and more, so, women might end up choosing the wrong one.

Men do get ties, shirts and other things, but how about something they can keep for years to come? There is some kind of jewelry you can give a man. Given below is a gift guide of 3 essential pieces of Men’s Jewelry. It can be perfect to add to the men’s collection.

Men Rings

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Looking for something special for your man, then a ring is perfect. You can go with a delicate band-style ring with an interesting design. He can wear it in place of a promise ring or select it as a wedding band. You can even select a ring with a gemstone if you want something that matches your man’s personality.

Men Chains

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A chain is a timeless piece of jewelry. He can wear it every day or for special occasions. If you want something with a little more design, then go with a beautiful sterling gold chain with a fascinating design.

Something Engravable!

Something engraved would make the perfect gift. Anything that has a flat surface could be engraved could make an excellent gift. Select a simple pendant and have it engraved with your man’s initials. A signet ring can be personalized this way. The possibilities are endless when it comes to engraving.

So, when it comes to shopping for men’s jewelry, you can’t go wrong with some of the wonderful, artisan-crafted treasures. If you have any doubts, stick to classics. For more selection on men’s jewelry, head on over to Sachs Jewelry.