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Customized Jewelry for Mother’s Day

We believe that all days are mother’s day because she is the one who makes the day happy and possible for us, she is the reason that we are living and thriving in this world. Nevertheless, we love our mom’s unconditionally; still, we need to show her the love, so it becomes all the more important to make her feel special on this mother’s day. Here are a few mind-blowing ideas of customized jewelry that she would love to adorn day after day.

Mom Necklace

A strikingly beautiful sterling silver mom engraved in a heart necklace is the most beautiful piece of jewelry for the most dedicated mom in the world. This necklace can be customized with the birthstone of your mom as well as with a cute little message engraved on it for your mom to cherish whenever she lays her hands on it.

Customized Photo Bangle

You love your mom and so does she, what better gift for her than a cute photo of you and your mom together engraved on a yellow gold disc that is attached to a bangle. You can also add more candid snapshots of your mom and siblings on the bangle as charms and make her relive all the cherished memories once again.

Customized Birthstone earrings

A pair of customized drop earrings made in rose gold and adorned with her birthstone is an elegant gift for the mom on the go, who adores dainty jewelry pieces. A personalized jewelry piece also exhibits the fact that you have put in a lot of effort in getting her the best Mother’s day gift.

Engraved Heart jewelry box

A heart engraved sterling silver jewelry box is an ideal gift for your mother to store all the jewelry pieces that are dear to her. Your mom will cherish this box and the cute message engraved on it whenever she would reach for it to change her jewelry.

Stack Ring Set

Woman love Stack ring sets. A beautiful yellow gold and sterling silver stack bands engraved with mother’s day messages are not an only fun way of expressing your love and gratitude to your mom, but it is also a way to tell her how much she means to you. This 3 ring set with a gold ring stacked between two sterling silver rings with the name of the children or message engraved on them is a sure cherished gift for mother’s day. One can also create the same style customized rings for themselves to celebrate the mother-child bonding.

Platinum Initials Bracelet

Your mom is in love with dainty pieces of jewelry and is always on a lookout for jewelry pieces that are unique and reflects her personal style statement. Then, a platinum initials bracelet is just for her. This bracelet is adorned with the initials of the name of the mother and children together. This sleek bracelet is a piece of art in itself and carries the message of love in the most subtle way possible.

On this mother’s day visit Sachs Jewelers and give your mom the much-deserved love and attention that she has given to you all your life unconditionally.

Happy Mother’s Day

The Most Precious Symbol of Love – Wedding Rings

The most beautiful words spoken at a wedding are “With this ring, I thee wed.’ The words make a man and woman, husband and wife for eternity. The bonding is completed with slipping a ring on the bride and the groom’s fingers. It doesn’t come as a surprise as to why the wedding ring is chosen carefully.


A man’s ring is made with plain metal and a woman is made with precious stones like diamonds and other gemstones. Times have changed and now, even men wear rings with precious stones. The variety of rings accessible in the market is gold, white gold, platinum and several others.

They come in various styles like plain and others that are engraved. The rings have to match each other’s personality and are available in the same metal and precious stones.  It makes it really exciting. Picture both the couples wearing the same styled rings.


Wedding rings are a symbol of love that has no end. The ring is always worn on the ring finger. The hand it is worn on depends on the customs of each country.  In the western world, it is worn on the left hand and in most, on the right hand.  The reason behind wearing it on the ring finger is because, it was believed that this specific finger was known as the lover’s finger and so, the tradition carried on.

It is a custom in Europe where the spouse’s name and the wedding date is engraved inside the wedding ring. In most customs, a small kid is the ring bearer who carried the rings on a pillow or the best man is in charge of the wedding rings.


It is always nice to consider traditions and value of a wedding ring when making arrangements for the wedding day and buying the rings. Even though most people don’t believe in having a traditional wedding, it makes it exciting to have some of those traditions and to make it a memorable day.  The bride and groom will remember all the fun they had on their wedding day by looking at the ring. Shopping for rings is fun and exciting. It comes only once and makes the best of it.

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