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Men’s Jewelry: Pendants

Men’s jewelry can elicit bad memories, especially if you’ve been through the ‘70s but thankfully fashion keeps evolving!

Men’s jewelry has come a long way and it’s been a long time since it has made us cringe like it used to. As the unspoken rules of the world change, men find it more accessible to flaunt their favorite articles of jewelry, the most explored of which is probably the pendant (or maybe the bracelet; in any case, the pendant is one of the most talked about items of men’s jewelry).

Here is a refresher on how the ships of men’s fashion are sailing this year. With a special focus on pendants, here is Jennifer Heebner from JCK.

Men’s Jewelry Style Spotlight: Pendant Necklaces


Men’s Jewelry Pendants

Consumer demand has driven designers to build up their men’s jewelry collections much more so today than in previous years. Check out these five new pendant necklaces for guys with good taste. See full post here

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Selling Jewelry for Fast Cash

As the market dwindles, financial problems start creeping up. Soon, you find your expenses running far ahead of your reduced income. You turn to your savings and find you haven’t any. It’s then that you know you’ll have to be in debt to keep it all up. In comes the big blow of unexpected medical expenses sending you swooning down the rabbit hole of predicaments.

Selling your jewelry can be a reliable way to get some fast cash in order to take care of your financial problems and avoid getting into debt.


Sell Jewelry for Cash

Sell to an establishment that employs GIA graduates

Especially so when it comes to diamond jewelry. A GIA graduate can accurately grade the quality and characteristics of your jewelry and estimate its worth.

Not everybody buys damaged jewelry

You won’t find many buyers for damaged jewelry except at scrap value, which is what you should expect. It is advisable to sell damaged jewelry unless it holds intense intimate value. The cost of repairing damaged jewelry is too high to justify not selling it to buy new pieces instead.

Do your research

Read dealer reviews from reliable sources online and ask around at the local community. If an establishment is shady, chances are other businesses around the area are aware of that. It never hurts to ask the right questions so feel free to investigate on your own terms.

Money management

Face it; with proper money management, you would not be facing this at all. Poor budgeting has a tendency to invite debt. Make a not to track all your expenses and keep a record. Keeping track of expenses almost always helps curb unnecessary spending and sets financial priorities straight.

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Why Custom Jewelry Is the Way to Go

Custom jewelry is undeniably more intimate and holds more value than off-the-shelf items. Every custom designed item is unique and original in a refreshing way, speaking to you in a language you know.

Here’s an article from Markschneiderdesign expounding on the benefits of custom-made jewelry.

Custom Jewelry Design | The Benefits of Custom-made Jewelry


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 The Unparalleled Beauty of Custom Jewelry

Jewelry is an undeniable part of life. From the engagement ring on your left hand to the necklace passed down from your great-grandmother, jewelry pieces affect day to day existence. After fumbling through an important meeting at work, the ring on your finger given to you by a cherished friend can provide a surprising amount of comfort.

However, when it comes to customized jewelry, the sentimental and emotional value is even greater. Knowing that you’re walking around with a carefully and painstakingly crafted piece of the earth given to you by someone you love—whether that person is yourself or family member—is indescribably beautiful. In addition to the unparalleled emotional benefits of customization, there are logic-based benefits as well. See full post here

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