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Nail Color and Jewelry

If you want to look your best, you will have to pay close attention to everything about you. One important albeit overlooked detail is to match your nail color with your jewelry, especially your rings and bracelets. We recommend you take note of this subtle yet effective aspect of accessorizing.

Matching RingIn the words of designer Mark Schneider, “accessorizing is a necessary art.” Here is an article on his website with tips on accessorizing with nail color.

Manicures: How to Complement Gemstones with Nail Color

Accessorizing provides endless excitement. Whether you are securing the perfect handbag or creating a flawless necklace and earring combination, accessorizing is a necessary art. From geometric designs to 3D decals and bold colors to muted mattes, it’s safe to say that manicures are now an accessory in their own right. Embrace the notion of accessorizing with nail polish by following the tips below.

1)      Nude
As the Internet becomes a more and more powerful presence in day-to-day living, it seems as if the options are endless. But oftentimes you will find that less is more. If you’re looking to return to the basics then nude nails are the perfect place to start. Nude nail polish creates a polished, sophisticated and refined aesthetic without detracting from colorful gemstone accessories. As a bonus, nail polish chips or smudges are practically invisible. Although nude nails are the perfect muted accessories for any color of gem, emeralds and sapphires make an especially beautiful partner. The slight shimmer from the nude color and shimmering blue of sapphires is reminiscent of the contrasts between oceans and sand on a clear summer day. The overall look is sophisticated and calming. View full post.

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Ring Finger and Wedding Rings

Ever wonder why it is that we wear our wedding rings on the fourth finger of our left hands? For crying out loud, the ‘ring finger’ is the only name we have for the fourth digit of our hands! To be honest, I would find it a little comforting if there were a special romantic reason behind it. As it turns out, there a quite a few…and we like them all!

               Wedding Ring

Here is an article by jewelers blog on Engagement Ring Gurus that sheds some light on this.


Wedding rings are one of the most widely recognized symbol of love around the world. They are precious pieces of jewelry that are worn by couples all around the world to symbolize the love and life long commitment to one another. When it comes to weddings, there are certain traditions and rituals that are followed during a wedding ceremony prior to the ring exchange. From walking down the isle, to champagne showers while getting ready, the traditions are countless. However one of the most celebrated tradition is that of the wedding ring, the ring is almost always placed on the fourth finger of the left hand, which raises the question as to why?. See full post

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Wedding Bracelets: Reviving Trends

The Victoria era was affectionate toward weddings and grooming. One of the essential wedding trends from the Victorian period is the wedding bracelet. Four bracelets were given to the bride over the course of the courtship, most importantly one each at the times of engagement and the wedding. Following in the traditions of that era, brides may choose to buy an antique set of bracelets for their weddings.

In this article by Designers and Diamonds, you will get to know a more in-depth history of the wedding bracelets.


Humans like traditions, but weddings seem to carry more traditions with it than any other human customs. Wedding traditions and etiquette have certainly changed over the centuries, but some traditions have stood the test of time. All brides to be are familiar with the “something old” custom. A fun way to incorporate something old into your wedding day is to dip into some of the wedding customs from the past. See full post here

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A Guide to the Perfect Anniversary Band

An anniversary is a time to rejoice. What could the perfect gift to celebrate your marriage? Hardly anything says I love you better than an anniversary band at the right anniversary.

Are you feeling a little muddled about which band to gift and at what time?


Take a look at Brilliant Earth’s take on choosing the best anniversary band and giving them at the best time.


After five or ten years of marriage (or even just one) many couples choose to celebrate their anniversaries with special rings. Anniversary rings are often bands embellished with diamonds, though there are no set rules – choose a design that fits her personal style.


The old-fashioned list of anniversary gifts says couples should give each other wood on their fifth anniversary, tin or aluminum on their tenth, and wait until fifty years of marriage before celebrating with gold jewelry! The modern list says that diamond jewelry should be given on your tenth anniversary. We say: Ignore the rules and buy an anniversary band whenever it feels right. To truly surprise your wife, give her a ring on an “off” anniversary (fourth or sixth or eleventh, for example). It’s certain to be a welcome surprise.


The first thing to consider is whether you want the anniversary ring to be similar in style to the wedding and engagement rings. The advantage to coordinating rings is that you can wear them together on the same finger. Often when a woman has a simple wedding band, the couple opts for an anniversary band with more embellishment.
Eternity bands, featuring diamonds or other precious gems encircling the finger, are one popular choice, or you might choose a ring  featuring the same number of diamond accents as years you’ve been married (a band with five diamond accents  for your fifth anniversary, for example). See full post here

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How to Deal With Not Being a Fan of Your Engagement Ring

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! So what happens when your spouse gets you an engagement ring that pushes all the wrong buttons in your brain’s pleasure centre?

Nothing short of hell might erupt! But that is, of course, an expected hazard of married life. But is there a way to overcome this affliction?

Lizrlj from Designers and Diamonds talks about it.


It’s ok! Now is when you and I disquiet that inner monologue, playing out like the comments section of a clickbait Facebook post. You are not a gold digger. You are not a materialistic monster. Obviously the most important thing about your engagement is that you love the great guy you’re marrying. But it’s not the only thing! The ring is allowed to be an important part of your engagement (otherwise I wouldn’t spend so much time talking about it!) And all those haters in our imaginary comment thread probably relished the moment they got to post their own ring selfie, showing off a ring they loved. You deserve the same thing. See full post here

So there you have it! Another relationship saved from the clutches of utter doom. Thanks to a good sense of jewelry!