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How To Buy Gold As An Investment

Gold has been a ubiquitous symbol of prosperity and riches since time immemorial. Kings, nobles and common man alike have always had a strong affinity towards this precious yellow metal and had tried to manifest it in all forms of jewelry, coins and bullion. The admiration and charm of this sunshine metal have only glorified over past thousands of years.

Gold, over the years, has acted as an insurance against fiduciary currency and had been consistent in assisting their relative values. The magnetism of gold has made it all the more desirable as an alternative for investment as well as for ornamental purposes. The gold is actually a mine of investment when it comes to safeguarding one’s future against the uncertainty of global markets.


Investing in Gold:
Here are certain factors to put into consideration when investing in gold:

  • Gold coins come in 24K and are 90-99% pure gold.
  • Ornaments in gold can be found in 22K, 18K, 14K as well and they contain gold in 92%, 75%, 58% respectively.
  • Investing in Gold bonds(stocks) is a way to earn money in dividends. Although gold bonds do not mean possession of the precious metal.
  • The 90% of the use of gold is done in a manufacturing of gold jewelry.
  • Gold is susceptible to price fluctuations as it is mostly concentrated in a limited number of government banks.


The prosperity of gold coins is inversely proportional to the fluctuations in the global market. The gold coin of reputed companies that are certified by the hallmark of gold have purity of gold upto99.9%

Gold Bars and bullion:

The gold bars are available in various weights, sizes and shapes, the starting weight being 1 gram and exceeding so forth. The lighter gold bars and bullion can be used as a barter when planning to purchase gold ornaments. Gold Bars and bullion are available both produced by government mints as well as private companies.

Gold Ornaments:

Gold ornaments and fine jewelry gives double benefits of investment as well as wearability. It acts as an heirloom and can be combined with several other precious metals, diamonds and precious gemstones to enhance its value as well as physical appeal and allure. It also of utmost importance to buy gold of the order of 22K and 24K in order to ensure high returns.


Invest in gold wisely. When purchasing it from jewelry stores, online stores, government or private mints, ensure that it is engraved with the hallmark as well as is worth the standard karat and price. Also, remember the price of gold jewelry and ornaments will always experience more fluctuations as there are taxes as well as making charges are also added. Invest some time in market research and then make a decision.

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Selling Jewelry for Fast Cash

As the market dwindles, financial problems start creeping up. Soon, you find your expenses running far ahead of your reduced income. You turn to your savings and find you haven’t any. It’s then that you know you’ll have to be in debt to keep it all up. In comes the big blow of unexpected medical expenses sending you swooning down the rabbit hole of predicaments.

Selling your jewelry can be a reliable way to get some fast cash in order to take care of your financial problems and avoid getting into debt.


Sell Jewelry for Cash

Sell to an establishment that employs GIA graduates

Especially so when it comes to diamond jewelry. A GIA graduate can accurately grade the quality and characteristics of your jewelry and estimate its worth.

Not everybody buys damaged jewelry

You won’t find many buyers for damaged jewelry except at scrap value, which is what you should expect. It is advisable to sell damaged jewelry unless it holds intense intimate value. The cost of repairing damaged jewelry is too high to justify not selling it to buy new pieces instead.

Do your research

Read dealer reviews from reliable sources online and ask around at the local community. If an establishment is shady, chances are other businesses around the area are aware of that. It never hurts to ask the right questions so feel free to investigate on your own terms.

Money management

Face it; with proper money management, you would not be facing this at all. Poor budgeting has a tendency to invite debt. Make a not to track all your expenses and keep a record. Keeping track of expenses almost always helps curb unnecessary spending and sets financial priorities straight.

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