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Pick the Right Men’s Jewelry for Your Love

Men love jewelry. You just have to know what makes your man’s eyes glow and find the right fit! Men’s jewelry is rare but not scarce and there’s always some kind of jewelry you can give a man, even to those who don’t wear it on a daily basis.

You can find varied categories of jewelry to gift your man on any occasion, or no occasion at all.

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Explore Fashionable Men’s Rings made from Gem Stones

If you really want to impress your man, with stellar designs on jewelry, you can gift away men’s rings. These are designed using a wide range of pretty looking gem stones.

Here they are:

Mozambique Garnet


The sterling silver Mozambique ring can take your love to cloud 9. The majestic stone emanates the highest degree of radiance. You can select the size. The rings can also be made from yellow gold.

14K Yellow Gold Men’s Onyx


This is a gorgeous ring you gift to the man of your life. The stylish ring is designed making use of the purest form of 14K yellow gold. You not only have the onyx stone placed right there at the center, but also discover a cute looking diamond stone. The diamond stone sparkles through the onyx gem-stone. Do you think the ring is too pricey? No, you get the astounding pick under the $1000 mark.

Sapphires and Diamonds Look Gorgeous


Do you want to discover an absolute stunner on men’s rings? The 14K yellow ring comprises of sapphire stones and diamond studs, to add to the glam. The diamond stones alone are worth a whopping 0.25 carats. Isn’t that a wonderful ring to go for?

Passionate Blood Stone


Explore a whole new passion and an undying spirit with the men’s 14 K yellow gold ring with a blood stone right there at the center. This is a stylish ring you can gift your man on your wedding Anniversary Day.

Mighty Emerald


Give a powerful vibe to the whole idea behind getting your man, a brand new ring. A leading label named Chatham gives a wonderful emerald stone ring encased on a 14K yellow gold setting.

The posh diamond stones covering the emerald gives a posh look to the setting.
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Guide to Shopping for Men’s Jewelry

Women love shopping for jewelry, but when it comes to shopping for men, they often get confused. As there is a lot of variety in jewelry like gold chains, bracelets, bands, and more, so, women might end up choosing the wrong one.

Men do get ties, shirts and other things, but how about something they can keep for years to come? There is some kind of jewelry you can give a man. Given below is a gift guide of 3 essential pieces of Men’s Jewelry. It can be perfect to add to the men’s collection.

Men Rings

mens necklace Massachusetts

Looking for something special for your man, then a ring is perfect. You can go with a delicate band-style ring with an interesting design. He can wear it in place of a promise ring or select it as a wedding band. You can even select a ring with a gemstone if you want something that matches your man’s personality.

Men Chains

mens rings in Massachusetts

A chain is a timeless piece of jewelry. He can wear it every day or for special occasions. If you want something with a little more design, then go with a beautiful sterling gold chain with a fascinating design.

Something Engravable!

Something engraved would make the perfect gift. Anything that has a flat surface could be engraved could make an excellent gift. Select a simple pendant and have it engraved with your man’s initials. A signet ring can be personalized this way. The possibilities are endless when it comes to engraving.

So, when it comes to shopping for men’s jewelry, you can’t go wrong with some of the wonderful, artisan-crafted treasures. If you have any doubts, stick to classics. For more selection on men’s jewelry, head on over to Sachs Jewelry.

Men’s Jewelry: Pendants

Men’s jewelry can elicit bad memories, especially if you’ve been through the ‘70s but thankfully fashion keeps evolving!

Men’s jewelry has come a long way and it’s been a long time since it has made us cringe like it used to. As the unspoken rules of the world change, men find it more accessible to flaunt their favorite articles of jewelry, the most explored of which is probably the pendant (or maybe the bracelet; in any case, the pendant is one of the most talked about items of men’s jewelry).

Here is a refresher on how the ships of men’s fashion are sailing this year. With a special focus on pendants, here is Jennifer Heebner from JCK.

Men’s Jewelry Style Spotlight: Pendant Necklaces


Men’s Jewelry Pendants

Consumer demand has driven designers to build up their men’s jewelry collections much more so today than in previous years. Check out these five new pendant necklaces for guys with good taste. See full post here

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