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Discover 3 latest designs on Anniversary rings

You can wear your favorite anniversary ring for the upcoming Valentine’s Day party. Else you can don one for a quiet evening dinner with your beloved soul-mate. The radiance of your inner personality is revealed by the gleam shown by the ring.

Helping you discover the top 3 designs when it comes to choosing your very own pair of Anniversary rings:

Strawberry ring with vanilla and chocolate diamonds

chocolate diamond ring

This is definitely not a pudding we are talking about. This is a beautifully created ring for the dazzling ladies out there. The ring reveals love like none other. On a 14K gold setting, you have a splendor array of dark brown and white diamond studs adorned across the band. You can select the ring size as specified on the chart. The gallery comprises of a beautiful golden yellow, brown and white rings to beautify the band.

14 K White gold semi-mount with a 1 Carat head


This is a diamond anniversary ring that can take your spouse by a cool surprise. It is a semi-mount ring on a 14K white gold setting. The band is studded with diamond stones and you can place your customized gem stone right there at the center. You can place it upon the 1 Carat head. This is the picture perfect gift you can give your wife on your Anniversary Day.

Princess Cut Ring


You can choose an eternity ring for your darling princess, out there. This is a Princess-cut ring that is on display. The ring is pretty much in vogue as Anniversary Day souvenir. You can choose your own metal. You can choose diamonds worth their weight in carats and you can customize the ring in terms of the size. The eternity band is right there to be delivered at your door-step.

These are the three amazingly cool Anniversary Rings you can made to order from the online store.

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Guidelines Or Tips For Buying Semi Mount Rings

The purpose of custom designing an engagement ring is beyond romantic. The semi mount rings let you design your own engagement ring. Along with discussing the possible customizations with the jeweler, you can select to mount your own diamond center stone onto your selection of a semi mount ring design.
Your better half will be surprised by the gorgeous ring and amazed by your effort and sweetness. Yet, the process of selecting and purchasing the semi- mount rings can be a challenge.

Here are a few guidelines!

Head Setting

Some of the various head settings designs include round diamonds, which is six prongs head setting. The four prongs designs can mount both round and cushion cut diamonds.

One of the several questions one often thinks of is how big of a diamond the prong can mount. Even though the prongs are strong enough to hold the center stone, they are flexible to mount diamonds.

Diamond Center Stone

Round diamond design is the answer to traditional and classic designs. The round diamond engagement ring is one of the most popular designs and remains timeless. It represents the idea of eternal and timeless love.

center diamond ring

 If you want something different and stylish, cushion diamond and other diamond cut designs are options you can select from. People are looking for something different apart from the normal round diamond engagement rings. The recent style of ring design includes the cushion diamond engagement ring. It is best to select a unique design will represent your one-of-a-kind romance.



mount engagement rings

People are often advised to choose between mount or a Semi Mount Ring. If you want to design your own ring, take the diamond to your nearby store and ask the jeweler to mount it for you. You can stay and see how they work in the ring.
These are a few guidelines for buying a semi mount rings. If you still a little confused about how to buy the rings, Sachs Jewelers will help you.