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Discover Assorted Picks on Engagement cum Wedding rings

As you all must be aware of, diamond engagement rings and authentic varieties of wedding bands form an integral part of bridal jewelry.

Taking you through some of the most astounding styles on Engagement cum wedding bands:

Vintage styles

Classic styled engagement rings can have a detailed designing covering the outer rim of the band. You can also choose filigree or floral accents to elevate the formal appearance of an Engagement or a Wedding day ceremony.

Trinity knots have three leaves clasping against one another. A vintage style can also take an archeological designing done across the band.

Pictorial Wedding Bands

In the present era, we are blessed to have sophisticated technology at the digital as well as the fashion jewelry world. Laser inscribed pictorial fonts can be etched with the highest degree of precision, after all. Just select a background portrait. Else you can upload a photo of your choice and have it embedded on to the band.

Statement Rings

For a more casual look, rings made from sterling silver or yellow gold can be chosen. You can engrave a statement that you would love connecting with. And the statement can be a daring one, as well. Stackable rings can also be chosen for the grand occasion.

 stackable-rings stackable-rings-sachs


stackable-rings-sachs-jewelers      stackable-rings-shrewsbury





Heart-Warming Messages

These are engraved rings. You can have a heart-warming love message or a romantic alibi, engraved on a classic styled ring. You will need to select plain or straight line rings to have engraved messages done in a neat and hassle-free manner. Stoned rings are not ideal ones. This is simply because, engraving disrupts the careful positioning of stones. These may fall off. The other reason for avoiding engraving on stone rings is this. The letters or the phrases of the message may look distorted.

Personalized Styles

You can also have personalized rings done. With fusion of metals, stones or pearls, custom jewelry can be a pretty looking style to imbibe on your ring designing.

These are 5 authentic styles as to how you can add a new dimension to bridal jewelry.

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Fall in love with these Bridal Rings

You may pretty much be wondering on what ring to choose for your Engagement? Bridal rings can be chosen using a variety of colors, shades and designs.
Presenting you with exotic models brought to you by Sachs jewelers:

Tiara Shaped Ring

This is an elegant wedding band where you have intricate stones designed to the form the shape of a tiara. You can fondly name it an Infinity band, as well.


 The diamond stones adorning the center are worth 0.24 carats. The setting takes shape via white/yellow/rose gold. You can customize the Engagement cum Eternity band using Platinum.

Unveil magic via a 3 stone ring

This is a classic styled wedding band, you are going to fall in love with. On a straight-line band, you have three stones that unveil absolute magic. The central stone is the biggest while the other two stones are smaller.


You also find two more stones adorned at the rear end of the ring. You find these embedded on both sides of the ring.
On a pure 14K white gold setting, the stones alone are worth a whopping 0.35 carats.

Discover a Cluster Design

The stylish ring is exquisitely crafted using 14K White gold. You find diamond stones arranged to form a pretty-looking cluster.


The cluster shaped studs are found on both sides of the ring. Not to forget the outstanding solitaire that stands right there at the center. The stones are almost worth a carat, i.e. 0.96 carats.

Rose Gold Collection

You can have marquise shaped diamonds or a petite solitaire across a rose gold ring.


The pink quotient adds to the romantic feel, in the most fabulous way. The rose gold can take its essence from 14K/ 18K.

These are 4 astounding picks on Bridal Rings, you are going to fall in love with.

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Guidelines Or Tips For Buying Semi Mount Rings

The purpose of custom designing an engagement ring is beyond romantic. The semi mount rings let you design your own engagement ring. Along with discussing the possible customizations with the jeweler, you can select to mount your own diamond center stone onto your selection of a semi mount ring design.
Your better half will be surprised by the gorgeous ring and amazed by your effort and sweetness. Yet, the process of selecting and purchasing the semi- mount rings can be a challenge.

Here are a few guidelines!

Head Setting

Some of the various head settings designs include round diamonds, which is six prongs head setting. The four prongs designs can mount both round and cushion cut diamonds.

One of the several questions one often thinks of is how big of a diamond the prong can mount. Even though the prongs are strong enough to hold the center stone, they are flexible to mount diamonds.

Diamond Center Stone

Round diamond design is the answer to traditional and classic designs. The round diamond engagement ring is one of the most popular designs and remains timeless. It represents the idea of eternal and timeless love.

center diamond ring

 If you want something different and stylish, cushion diamond and other diamond cut designs are options you can select from. People are looking for something different apart from the normal round diamond engagement rings. The recent style of ring design includes the cushion diamond engagement ring. It is best to select a unique design will represent your one-of-a-kind romance.



mount engagement rings

People are often advised to choose between mount or a Semi Mount Ring. If you want to design your own ring, take the diamond to your nearby store and ask the jeweler to mount it for you. You can stay and see how they work in the ring.
These are a few guidelines for buying a semi mount rings. If you still a little confused about how to buy the rings, Sachs Jewelers will help you.

The Most Precious Symbol of Love – Wedding Rings

The most beautiful words spoken at a wedding are “With this ring, I thee wed.’ The words make a man and woman, husband and wife for eternity. The bonding is completed with slipping a ring on the bride and the groom’s fingers. It doesn’t come as a surprise as to why the wedding ring is chosen carefully.


A man’s ring is made with plain metal and a woman is made with precious stones like diamonds and other gemstones. Times have changed and now, even men wear rings with precious stones. The variety of rings accessible in the market is gold, white gold, platinum and several others.

They come in various styles like plain and others that are engraved. The rings have to match each other’s personality and are available in the same metal and precious stones.  It makes it really exciting. Picture both the couples wearing the same styled rings.


Wedding rings are a symbol of love that has no end. The ring is always worn on the ring finger. The hand it is worn on depends on the customs of each country.  In the western world, it is worn on the left hand and in most, on the right hand.  The reason behind wearing it on the ring finger is because, it was believed that this specific finger was known as the lover’s finger and so, the tradition carried on.

It is a custom in Europe where the spouse’s name and the wedding date is engraved inside the wedding ring. In most customs, a small kid is the ring bearer who carried the rings on a pillow or the best man is in charge of the wedding rings.


It is always nice to consider traditions and value of a wedding ring when making arrangements for the wedding day and buying the rings. Even though most people don’t believe in having a traditional wedding, it makes it exciting to have some of those traditions and to make it a memorable day.  The bride and groom will remember all the fun they had on their wedding day by looking at the ring. Shopping for rings is fun and exciting. It comes only once and makes the best of it.

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