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Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings MA

Getting A Bridal Ring? Keep These Factors In Mind

Bridal or engagement rings are considered to be an important step to make the final call. When purchasing them you have been very careful and make sure the item you buy matches the needs of your partner. You need to perform a good amount of research on the best Diamond Engagement Rings, which are available in the market.

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Gradation of Certified Diamonds

Along with the 4C’s of diamonds we all know about, there is one more C you may not know about- certificates. One of the biggest purchases you will make could be a diamond engagement ring. There is no doubt that you have done your research, window- shopped and dropped a few hints to know what your fiancée to be liked.

Diamonds in Massachusetts

Certified Diamonds are measured and appraised based on the 4Cs and other characteristics. High powered microscopes and other sensitive instruments are used to evaluate and measure the inclusions, sparkle, shape and color of a diamond. The gemologist’s exam each diamond separately and assign grades that are accurate, consistent and reliable.

The laboratory based on the findings, issues a written report that accompanies the diamond. The reports include a line diagram of a diamond from the top and side views and a chart that shows the weight, color grade, cuts and angles and levels of inclusions. To improve the color and clarity, most diamonds are enhanced with lasers, heat and pressure.loose-diamond

Most labs offer services like inscription of a microscopic certification number on the diamond. Most labs offer a series of report options like the synthetic diamond grading report from the Gemological Institute of America and the Science Diamond Grading report from AGS Laboratories. Certified diamonds provide complete assurance on the quality of the diamond.

With all this information, you can easily buy diamonds. If you ever think of buying certified diamonds, then turn to Sachs Jewelers. Visit (Sachs Jewelers) or call 508-444-4009

Diamond Earrings- Making the Right Choice

Diamonds are the ultimate essence of beauty, charm, and gracefulness. And wearing them on your ears enhances your personality. You flaunt your style and showcase your magnificent collections. The timeless piece of jewelry perfectly blends with all kinds of occasions and moods. From party dresses to corporate wear, you can jazz up with your favorite piece of ornament and create new trends.


However, before you make a desirable choice, here are the 4 Cs of diamonds:

  • Cut- The cut of your diamond earring determines its brilliance and beauty. You get three options- ideal, too deep and too shallow. In each of these varieties, look for the most excellent ones. And how shall you do that? Well, look for the ones that radiate maximum dazzling light through the stone top, directly to your eyes. These are the real of the real pieces. Some workable pieces are those releasing light through the diamond table. Never go for the ones where light leaks from the bottom. You don’t want that bad quality of the most precious metal. 
  • Colour- Natural diamonds bear the color of its atoms. For example, yellow diamonds come from nitrogen, whereas the blue ones signify boron. Besides the color, every diamond piece has a lightness and tone. According to the Colour Grading Scale, you’ll come across five color tones- colorless, near colorless, faint yellow, very light yellow, and light yellow. Diamond earrings are best without colors. There’s a unique luster and appeal, in this form. And as you hang them onto your ears, you carry the most expensive range, of all. 

Emerald Earrings

  • Clarity- Go for an earring with fewer imperfections. These are the most flawless and rarely found diamonds on earth. Imperfections are again of two kinds- internal and external. Internal imperfections are inclusions, whereas the external ones are blemishes. Although such flaws are naked to a normal human eye, the diamond sellers have good eyes to assess the fineness of each metal and according they put a value. 
  • Carat Weight – Diamonds, like any other jewelry, are measured in karats. Carat is not the size of the metal. The cut and shape of diamonds sum up to its karat weight. It is due to this weight, that most similar cut or same-coloured diamond earrings vary in price range.

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Halo Rings, Custom Jewelry and Loose Diamonds

Halo rings make for some of the most glamorous and popular engagement ring designs. They usually feature a large center stone surrounded by smaller micro-pavé stones, usually diamonds.


The smaller stones may form either concentric circles or squares around the center stone, depending on its shape and making it appear larger and thus more spectacular. That way, a halo ring can be an unexpected way to save money by letting you avoid paying for a very large diamond without compromising on brilliance or appeal.

The band may or may not be adorned with pavé stones (diamonds or otherwise), although it is not uncommon to find halo rings featuring pavé bands – which definitely multiply the appeal of the ring!

A double halo ring features two concentric circles or halos instead on the conventional one halo. This may or may not appeal to your sense of fashion and/or your wallet.

Make sure you pay attention to the quality of the gemstones – center stone, halo as well as those along the band – before you make your final decision. With a knowledgeable purchase, a halo engagement ring can be your most beloved possession ever!

Halo rings form one of the most popular requests in custom made jewelry at Sachs Jewelers, one of the most reputed jewelry retailers in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

Going by the store’s recent sales history, custom made rings are on the rise with more and more opting against something off-the-shelf. Luckily for the store, it has a profound history of being highly regarded for its custom jewelry craftsmanship. You can pair loose diamonds (also available at the store) and design a ring around them with the help of the talented and experienced jewelers at Sachs.

The store is located at 180 Boston Turnpike, Route 9 East, Shrewsbury, MA. Visit or call 508-792-2300 for more information

But that’s not all – Sachs Jewelers has another store at 3 Central Square, Mashpee, MA that you can reach by phone at 508-444-4009. And it stays open on Sundays!

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