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Jewelry Store Shrewsbury, MA 877-37SACHS. Local: 508-792-2300

Sach’s Jewelers Shrewsbuy, MA Jewelry Store: Experience the Real Thing

When was the most recent time you actually strolled
into a jewelry store and looked around? It seems that the
information superhighway is where most people
do their shopping these days, but there is said from actually walking
into a jewelry store and seeing rings in person that makes it a much more inviting

First of all, the lamps in the glass
displays make every facet of a diamond glisten.

Second of all, the sales clerks have a wealth of
know-how that you can’t find on the website and
can educate you to all kinds of data
you may not have known.

Drop into the Sach’s Jeweler’s Jewelry store in Shrewsbury, MA today
and see for yourself.

Sachs Jewelers
180 Boston Turnpike
Shrewsbury MA

Contact the Store Directly: 877-37SACHS. Local: 508-792-2300

Buying the perfect Engagement Rings

Selecting an engagement ring can be an enjoyable experience. An engagement ring is a precious gift, a special commitment, and an investment too. Regardless of your budget, you will have a breadth of choices from which you can select your perfect diamond ring.

Vintage Engagement Rings:

White Gold Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage Engagement Ring

• Vintage diamond rings are very popular these days. There is something about antiques that is making its way back into mainstream society. Women and men alike are trending towards older looks, older styles of furniture and past traditions. Vintage engagement rings usually have very ornate engravings on them.
• The bands are not plain and simple. Instead they have elaborate engravings and designs that keep your eyes busy bouncing from one area to another. Some women prefer the clean non-cluttered appearance of solitaire rings, but there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to diamond engagement rings!

Gemstone Engagement Rings:
• Some women prefer three stone rings. These rings are very beautiful and could be called show stoppers. There are three large stones that serve as the centerpiece for the ring and the center of the three is typically larger than the others. The bands are usually pretty simple and plain because there is just so much bling to be seen!

Classic Engagement Rings:

White Gold Classic Engagement Ring

Classic Engagement Ring

• A woman who desires a classic or traditional diamond engagement ring will probably be a lady who is elegant and simple. Since these rings are often very basic with clean lines, she will more than likely prefer structure to chaos and organization to messiness. These kind of rings are timeless classics and what the majority of women prefer today. Sometimes less is more and she will know that when she sees the beautiful ring as you ask her to marry you.

The kind of engagement ring you wear around your finger to show the world you will eventually become married is definitely representative of your taste and style. With the changing of the world, women are evolving into independent and confident creatures who know exactly what they want. This has also led to an increase in women giving their input on what her ring should look like. No matter which engagement ring style you choose, it should be something you love because this particular piece of jewelry is a symbol of your love for one another and the commitment you made to getting married. These are probably the most romantic pieces of jewelry (other than wedding bands) because there is so much meaning behind them.